Injured Southend Kite Surfer rescued by Coastguard and RNLI

An injured Kite Surfer was rescued by the Canvey Coastguard and RNLI Southend and taken to Southend Hospital.

It is believed the kite surfer suffered a fractured leg after losing control of his kite.

It is understood the kite surfer was taught at the Essex Kite Surf Club.

Simon Mudd, 54, owner of Essex Kite Surfing School has been quoted as saying:

“The problem is these things can happen from time to time when people take part in sports.

“People are always keen to go out on their own and get very excited about it.

“We have a good safety record and have not had any major incidents.

“It has become very popular in this area.

“He got himself into the situation and was not in any major danger.”

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