New sports facility set for town centre

New sports facility set for town centre
A new wheeled sports facility is set to be developed in central Southend, following a wide ranging public consultation into three possible sites.

The consultation revealed that the preferred option was for a facility to be built on part of the former Warrior Square swim centre site. Cabinet members will be asked to agree the recommended site, that a planning application is submitted and a contractor is sought to build the facility.

Cllr James Courtenay, cabinet member for growth, says: “Whilst we do have a selection of similar free to use facilities available at other sites across the Borough, we have been well aware that young people in particular need somewhere close to the town centre.

“I am therefore very pleased that this work is set to go ahead subject to cabinet and planning approval.

“We have a number of skateboarders, BMX’ers and scooterists in the town and we asked them what they wanted as part of the consultation exercise to ensure we get this right.

“What is clear from the consultation is that the design of this is very important, both to ensure that it is properly used and it is what users of different abilities want and need. Users have rightly asked to be involved as we move this forwards, and we will therefore ensure that the chosen contractor consults them on the proposed design of the new facility.”

The two locations ruled out through the consultation were the London Road North Car Park and the plaza area south of the Civic Centre.

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